About Whie

Cat Whie

“I am an outcast because of my imperfection. But I am determined to find my own individuality by living out my beliefs. I find comfort in routine and dislike changes.”

Whie is an outsider. Because of her unusual looks, she is cast out by her peers. Desperate to make sense of her existence, she is determined to do something different – she sets out to save the world. Amidst all the insecurities she is being forced to accept, she finds comfort in the idea that she is actively doing something to save the world. She finds comfort in routine and neither enjoys seeking out the unknowns nor making drastic changes in life.

In defining her own identity and individualism to make sense of her existence, Whie belongs nowhere.

Name: Whie
College: Street Education
Major: Go green
Physical Imperfection: Big red nose
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Book: Paradise by Judith McNaught
Favorite Movie: Streets of Fire directed by Walter Hill, 1984 film
Favorite Food: Vegetarian pizza
Favorite Drink: Rain water
Favorite Phrase: Why?
Favorite Game: Whatever game Haee enjoys
Favorite Song: I hate you, I love you – Gnash