About Haee

Cat Haee

“I am anomie. Unafraid of the unknown, I feel alive when there are changes. I require rules to function to make sense of a new environment. But I become bored easily over time.”

Haee™ is a curious cat with a huge appetite to try new things. Brave and unafraid of changes, he constantly searches for new experiences. While he basks in new environments, he desires comfort and security too. He constructs and abides by sets of rules which may not make sense most of the time. But these rules enable him to function comfortably in new environments. Yet, he gets bored easily with mundane routines and sets out in search of changes. Haee™ becomes known as the non attached cat – one who rejects the discipline of the house and yet desires some form of security.

Name: Haee
Birthday: April 1st
College: Street Education
Major: Humanities
Physical Imperfection: Crooked tail
Favorite Color: White
Favorite Book: The outsider by Albert Camus
Favorite Movie: War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy, directed by King Vidor, 1958 film
Favorite Food: Tuna biscuits
Favorite Drink: Was Pepsi last month
Favorite Word: Bored
Favorite Game: Hide and Seek
Current Favorite Song: Human by Rag ‘n’ Bone Man