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Middling Industries is the publisher and creator of trilogy series “Haee and the other middlings”™ by R.S. Vern.

Vision + Belief
The company tells stories, dreams, and hopes of everyday man (and cats!). Many of us strive to have a perfect life, a perfect career, a perfect family, and a perfect home. But as plain ordinary humans, we think it’s all right to make mistakes, be born different, or feel unachieved at times. Just be honest and happy with ourselves. Carry on dreaming. Never stop searching.

At Middling Industries, we believe in the spirit of hard work and collaboration. After all, life is not about having that perfect ending, but having that extraordinary journey. We aim to live each day simply better than the one after it. Just as life is never perfect, the products and characters we develop are honest, imperfect, and quirky.

Attempting to change the world like Michael Jackson Expressing differently like Tim Burton Growing up with watching MTV Seeking the unknown like Elon Musk

R.S. Vern, also known as Vernice Chua, is the founder of Middling Industries and the creator of book trilogy series: “Haee and the other middlings™”. The 1st book won the IndieReader Discovery Awards 2013.

Often described as an oddly conflicted soul, R.S. Vern lives with the challenges of saving the world and the realities of making a living. She calls herself a middling – urbanised, bored, and most of the time confused. R.S. Vern enjoys lively exchanges on what makes a cat human.

Instead of writing as herself, she feels it is less brutal seeing life through the eyes of a cat. Haee™ was a real cat living in her home. At the time this book was written, Haee was 8 years old. R.S. Vern holds a Bachelor of Arts from National University of Singapore and a Masters of Arts from Oklahoma City University. She currently resides on a very small, urban and competitive island populated by middlings.

Book Accolades

accoladesWinner of IndieReader Discovery Award 2013
Selected for Asian Festival for Children’s Content Book Illustrators Gallery 2013/4 (AFCC BIG 2013/4)
Rated 5 stars by Readers’ Favorite
Awarded QED seal for quality in ebook design





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